PJ Guglielmo his wife Alicia and family started an apparel company in the Santa Ynez Valley in 2008. From a very young age, PJ's had a passion for off-roading the desert, motocross racing and other off-road activites. In 2012 came the purchase of a class 6000 race vehicle called a TrophyLite. Racing the TrophyLite class for 3 seasons the Children of the Dirt Motorsports team saw success early and took home a series championship in the first year of racing the class. While dominating in the class the team would set their sights on the coveted 6100 class.


After moving from their hometown of Santa Barbara to Santa Ynez Valley in 2004, Alicia opened a Champagne Boutique & Spa which was eventually sold to the Fess Parker Hotel. PJ along with many people in Santa Ynez enjoy off-roading whether it be riding dirt bikes around for fun or driving the quad around the ranch, PJ quickly discovered SYV needed a place to pick up supplies, equipment and make repairs. Locating a building within a week PJ started the Children of the Dirt Motorsports Motorcycle Apparel & Repair Shop.

The shop had a good run but closed it doors in 2008 yet a new venture began. The Children of the Dirt Apparel Clothing Line. A line that features high quality fabric, eye catching graphics designed with moto & off-road fans in mind. In Dirt We Trust, the motto that lives strong through their venture.
In 2012 their love of off-road went to a new level when they purchased an off-road race vehicle, a TrophyLite. TrophyLite is an ultra competitive SPEC racing class with nearly identical vehicles which puts the drivers skills against the desert and other racers. PJ was looked at as the new guy and felt as if no one really anyone took him seriously but after finishing 5th of 10 trucks in his 1st race of the 2013 season PJ started to put himself on the map by winning the Mint 400 and Silver State 300. PJ's success would continue as he would eventually win the points championship in just his first season in the truck and 2nd place in the points the following 2 years. The Children of the Dirt team nearly missed championships in 2014 and 2015.

PJ's ability to be successful in the ultra competitive TrophyLite class has led him to take a step up in class to 6100 and in 2016 began the build of a brand new Armada Engineering 6100 SPEC-TT #6124. The team and PJ will test their skills in the 2017 season against a class that can have 30 to 40 trucks in it at any race.